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"A Matter of Control" - Nate, Eliot; PG

Author: pintsizeninja  
Pairing: Gen 
Rating: PG
Characters: Nate, Eliot
Word Count: 1,190
Spoilers: Definitely contains spoilers for 3.11 - "The Rashomon Job"
Disclaimer: Don't own them.  If I did, Nate would have been shirtless at least once by now.
Summary: Post-episode fic for "The Rashomon Job."   Nate-centric, anything else would be too spoilery. :)
Author's Note:  Super huge thanks and internet cookies to nightcamedown for the speedy and amazing beta job.  This episode was just too epic for me not to write a post-ep, so here it is.  Also, since I've written two Angsty!Nate fics in a row, this one features a more happy Nate.  Hope you enjoy!

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WitB: Tony Hill

Torchwood - Solution; 1/1

Title: Solution
Pairing: None; Character study
Characters: John Frobisher, the Prime Minister
Rating: PG-13 for subject matter
Spoilers: Spoilers for all of Children of Earth, especially Episode 5.
Summary: Frobisher makes a decision.
Disclaimer: Torchwood and its characters are owned by Russell T. Davies and BBC, not me. Dialogue is from Children of Earth: Episode 5.
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